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Rebuildable Chain Links

Our Chain Links are completely rebuildable from the pins and bushings to the wear pads. We have replaced the standard 1/2" pin with our stronger 9/16" pin. This is an increase of 11% more surface area, and 55,000 lbs. of shear strength. Add confidence to your system with the Ziegelmeyer Rebuildable Chain Link.


Rebuildable Drive Sprockets

At Ziegelmeyer Manufacturing Inc, our goal is to simplify your Millwork requirements while saving you time and money. We have designed Rebuildable Drive and Tail Sprockets that do both. Only the wear pads and teeth need to be changed periodically. Eliminating the need to ever purchase another sprocket.


Dual Roller Chain Sprockets w/Built in Clutch

Our Dual Roller Chain Sprocket with its Built in Clutch can be adjusted in minutes instead of hours. We have the size you need, contact us today for a price.


Chain Conversion Systems

We have Chain Conversion Systems for virtually every type of Finger Jointer on the market today. Our Chain Conversion packages include our Rebuildable Chain Links, Rebuildable Drive Sprockets and our Dual Roller Chain Sprocket with its Built in Clutch. A winning cost savings combination! Call today for a Chain Conversion Sytems Quote. Installation is always available. See the Six Point Advantage Page.


Quick Change Pressure Head System

In a continuing effort to improve our products, we have completely redesigned our Air Hold Down System. Ziegelmeyer Manufacturing Inc. has developed a new "Quick Change Pressure Head System". With our new system the air bag is not attached at the ends, so it is no longer necessary to remove the end caps. The side housing of the system can be quickly removed. Air bag changes that usually took 20 to 40 minutes, are now reduced to 3 to 5 minutes. The air bag can be replaced without the need to remove any other components, the nomar strips and end caps stay in place. Call for your requirements today.


Finger Jointer

Every Finger Jointer custom manufactured by Ziegelmeyer Manufacturing Inc. utilizes all the above cost and time saving components. Before you purchase your next Finger Jointer, contact Ziegelmeyer Manufacturing Inc., see the difference it will make.

Contact us today for the service you require. Our philosophy at Ziegelmeyer Manufacturing Inc. is simple, "Make it Simple, Make it Strong, and Make it Work!"