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There is a need for a good but simple indexer for grinding Finger Joint heads. There are many mills buying Hydro Lock type heads. These heads are excellent. They cut a near perfect circle. However, unless the heads are ground accurately, the desired results is not attainable. Some people are spending $45,000 + for a grinder that will grind finger joint heads. At Ziegelmeyer Mfg. Inc., we have come up with a simple, inexpensive but effective way that has excellent repeatability. This indexer references off the alignment pin hole in the head bolt. This means that the head will return to the same spot after it has been ran and is ready to be ground again. Every knife will grind the same over and over. The indexer adjusts to maintain the correct hook. It will bolt onto almost any grinder. You can grind two heads at once. You can grind sets together and they will be ground the same. This indexer achieves excellent results even on a marginal grinder. Grinding the heads accutately, even on heads that aren't hydro lock, will put more knives in the finish cut. Putting more knives in the finish cut can reduce chip out, divide the work load between stacks and make the knives last longer.