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Edge Bow


Do you have an EDGE BOW??

Ziegelmeyer Mfg. Inc. has the answer!

Blocks that are shipped from over seas or from South America start out square.
In time, moisture escapes from the blocks through the ends. This causes the ends to shrink and gives the blocks bad or bowed edges. This will cause the material to have edge bow when Finger Jointed and Assembled.
Blocks with bad edges will rest against the lug face as they run under the Air Bag. This causes the material to be cut out of square from the center line of the block. The edge of the block that runs against the lug will be long. When pressed, the material will bow. There is no adjustment that can eliminate this problem using a single chain that will not damamge the chain.

The Answer:

Ziegelmeyer Triple Chain System

Ziegelmeyer Lug Squaring Device allows the lug faces to be squared forward of the lug base. This will allow the blocks to be cut square to the center line. This will make straight stock when pressed.