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The 6-Point Ziegelmeyer Conversion Advantage



1. The Ziegelmeyer chain system comes with 9/16" pins with 11% more surface are. All other systems have 1/2" pins.

2. The pins in our chain rotate so that all the pin surface area is used. On other systems the pins are pressed in and do not rotate. Because they do not rotate, the wear is concentrated at the tang side of the pin. Once the chain pins begin to wear the chain must be replaced.


3. The Ziegelmeyer chain has bushings through out. This means that the chain is rebuildable. All other systems only hace bushings on the tang, once the pins work lose in the clevis the chain must be replaced.


4. The Ziegelmeyer chain links have a steel wear pad on the bottom of the link that engages with the drive sprocket, these can be replaced. When the bottom of the other chains wear there is no recourse but to discard the chain.

5. The drive and tail sprockets have replaceable teeth and wear pads. As the sprockets wear the parts can be replaced and the sprockets brought up to like new condition at a minimal cost. The teeth on the drive sprockets have a small percentage of lead in the alloy that makes the teeth slightly softer than the wear pads on the chain links. When the teeth begin to wear they can be turned end for end and ran again. When the teeth finally do wear out they can easily be replaced. When the teeth wear out on other systems the whole sprockets must be replaced.


6. The chain guide bed rails from Ziegelmeyer have hardened caps that can be replaced. Other systems must be replaced when the top shows wear. Western systems have the chain running steel against steel. When wear occurs the whole bed must be replaced. On the Ziegelmeyer conversion the bed is protected by a UHMW wear strip between the chain and the bed. The bed will never wear out and the guide rails can be switched right to left and left to right when wear occurs and the inserts can be replaced.